Research on the Development Path of Online Referral based on the Background of Smart Medicine


  • Qiyu Yang
  • Yu Cheng
  • Feiyang Chen
  • Weiran Cheng
  • Zhenning Qi



Smart Medical Treatment; Online Referral Model; Objective Conditions; Subjective Conditions; Path Research.


Smart medical treatment is an important direction of the development of medical informatization in China in the new era. On the basis of studying the current development level of medical informatization in China, this paper summarizes the problems and challenges faced in the current development of smart medicine in China, focuses on the current situation of referral under the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system in China, and scientifically analyzes the problems of complicated procedures and difficult transfer to the referral mode under the qualification line. This paper expounds the necessity and importance of building an online referral model, discusses the core essence, content system and its development and innovation, and expounds the contemporary value and significance of building an online referral model. The innovative path of building the online referral mode is put forward from the aspects of economic development conditions, technological development conditions, objective conditions of national policy support conditions, public feedback conditions and subjective conditions of social development conditions.


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Yang, Q., Cheng, Y., Chen, F., Cheng, W., & Qi, Z. (2022). Research on the Development Path of Online Referral based on the Background of Smart Medicine. Frontiers in Humanities and Social Sciences, 2(11), 46-52.

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