The Origin Effect and its Role in International Marketing


  • De Zhao
  • Yi Han
  • Yishen Li
  • Yuanzheng Zhang
  • Huiting Lai



Origin Effect; International Marketing; Chinese Brands; Tactics.


Nowadays, affected by the trend of economic globalization, many commodities themselves have an origin image, and the origin effect occurs in the process of international marketing, which is an important basis for importing countries to take tariffs and other related measures on imported goods, and has a pivotal position in global economic activities. The emergence of the origin effect reflects the phenomenon that the commodity is affected by the characteristics of the factors of the place of origin, which may promote the subsequent impact on the performance of all aspects of the commodity itself, and also affects the consumption psychology of consumers and affects the consumption behavior in a certain sense. Therefore, companies active in international marketing activities need to pay full attention to clarify the origin effect and its role in international marketing in order to take the lead. This paper focuses on the origin effect and its role in international marketing, and uses research methods such as literature investigation method and case analysis method to first clarify the connotation and mechanism of origin effect, and then explore the image of origin effect on foreign and Chinese brands, so as to summarize the strategy to improve the positive influence of origin effect in international marketing strategy. In order to ensure that Chinese enterprises can grasp the origin effect and further develop in international marketing affairs.


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Zhao, D., Han, Y., Li, Y., Zhang, Y., & Lai, H. (2022). The Origin Effect and its Role in International Marketing. Frontiers in Humanities and Social Sciences, 2(12), 126–131.