Research on Rural Domestic Waste

-- A Case Study of Bengbu Municipal Waste and Sewage Treatment


  • Wenhui Wang
  • Yongxin Liang
  • Jixiao Zheng
  • Chaoyuan Chang
  • Liang Wang



Bengbu Environmental Protection; Rural Garbage; Sewage Treatment.


With the rapid development of China's economy, the environment in rural areas has been greatly damaged, and the environmental protection problems in rural areas need to be strengthened. The urgent importance of effectively and rationally using clean energy, reducing all kinds of environmental pollution, preventing all kinds of sudden major environmental disasters, and ensuring the safety of people's lives has become increasingly prominent. In order to meet the needs of environmental protection and constantly improve the quality of our people's daily life and production, the main focus and focus of our economy and people's livelihood has gradually shifted to the protection of social environment and resources, and has begun to formulate many preferential policies for environmental protection.


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Wang, W., Liang, Y., Zheng, J., Chang, C., & Wang, L. (2022). Research on Rural Domestic Waste : -- A Case Study of Bengbu Municipal Waste and Sewage Treatment. Frontiers in Humanities and Social Sciences, 2(12), 224–230.