The Communication Strategy of Cultural Programs in the Era of All Media: Taking "China in Classics" as an Example


  • Jiahua Wang



Cultural programs; China in Classics; Communication strategy.


In early 2021, the program "China in Classics" was launched and attracted widespread attention from both the television and online platforms. The program "China in Classics" has taken the lead from similar programs with a new theme content, exploring a new model of cultural programs. It combines cultural elements, theatrical elements, and variety show elements centered around classics, and with its ritualistic symbolic expression, dramatic plot, and expert interviews, forms its own unique program style. The success of this program provides new ideas for the creation of cultural programs of the same type. This article selects the TV program "China in Classics" as the research object, analyzes the dissemination strategies and current situation of TV cultural programs in the era of all media, and proposes reasonable suggestions and measures for the innovative development of TV cultural programs in the future.


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