A study on the inner correspondence between Marx's theory of Human Essence and Confucian View of Community and its contemporary value


  • Min Yang




Marxism; The theory of human nature; Confucian community view.


In the new era, the socialist culture with Chinese characteristics must open the interactive development of integrity and innovation. The problem of human nature is often new in the process of development. In the excellent traditional Chinese culture, the people-oriented thought is an important political philosophy thought. Standing at a new starting point, taking the spirit of the Party's 20th Congress as the ideological guidance, and strengthening cultural self-confidence and unremitting self-improvement as the starting point, the paper reviews the internal compatibility of Marx's theory of human essence and the Confucian community view, aiming to constantly sort out the integration of Marx's theory of human essence and the Confucian community view, fully grasp the new space of coupling, and make new answers in line with The Times. Thus deepening the conscious understanding of human nature, promoting the "combination" of the new era, and gradually advancing to a new stage of popularization, so that the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics has more rich philosophical connotation and profound philosophical heritage, and condenses the soul for social development.


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