Research and Thinking on the Application of Big Data in Budget Performance Management


  • Jiachen Wan



Big data; Budget performance; Management of government budget.


At present, the budget performance reform has become a breakthrough in the profound reform of government governance, and is an inevitable requirement for further promoting the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity. Big data technology can improve the quality of budget performance management from four ways: the scientific review of budget performance objectives, the accuracy of performance evaluation, the online real-time monitoring of performance operation and the visualization of performance information. Some local financial departments in China have explored the introduction of big data in the aspects of pre-performance review, database construction, performance operation and target monitoring to carry out budget performance management. Improving the legislation on "budget performance management + big data", promoting the interconnection of cross-departmental data, comprehensively applying multiple data analysis methods, and establishing a composite talent training mechanism are the directions for further improving the quality of budget performance management with big data technology.


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