A Rational Review of Building a High Quality Urban and Rural Community Service System


  • Liuzhu Pan




Community Service, Community Service System, Service Quality.


Community service not only affects the quality of life and happiness index of the people, but also reflects the warmth and effectiveness of the community. The construction of community service system is an important path for innovation in community governance system. As China enters a stage of high-quality development, facing problems such as imbalanced and insufficient development of urban and rural community services, incomplete multi-party participation pattern, and weak information infrastructure construction, the construction of urban and rural community service system must focus on improving the pattern of urban and rural community services, enhancing the supply of urban and rural community services, and improving the efficiency of urban and rural community services, Under the new requirements of improving people's quality of life, three major breakthroughs have been achieved in terms of concept, function, and logic: the service concept has shifted from "product supply" to "demand satisfaction", the service function has shifted from "bottom line guarantee" to "quality of life", and the service logic has shifted from "government catering" to "ordering from a hundred surnames".


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