Exploring Teaching Reform Practices in Disaster Prevention and Control Courses


  • Junxiang Zhang
  • Liang Chen




Engineering college, ideological and political programmes, disaster prevention and control.


Ideological and political education plays a crucial role in cultivating modern college students who love their country, are loyal to the Communist Party of China, are willing to dedicate themselves, and are unafraid of hard work. College students should receive professional knowledge as well as systematic ideological and political education. Colleges play a crucial role in cultivating students' ideology. In addition to teaching professional knowledge, colleges should integrate ideological and political courses to guide students in forming correct values and to cultivate students who possess both professional ability and good character. This work focuses on the core course 'Disaster Prevention and Control' in safety engineering. It combines the professional course with relevant ideological and political elements to enhance students' enthusiasm for the subject and stimulate their patriotic spirit and national pride.


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