Research on Optimization of Quantitative Evaluation Model of Value for Money for PPP Projects


  • Chaoyang Xing



PPP model; quantitative evaluation; expert interviews; indicator system.


With the continuous development of China construction industry, in recent years, government departments are actively cooperating with social capital in the PPP model to solve public infrastructure construction problems. This study explores the interaction between the driving factors that affect value for money in the PPP model and their respective importance proportions. It combines the literature analysis method and the Delphi method to construct an index system, uses the analytic hierarchy process to calculate the weight of the driving factors, and adopts decision-making The laboratory method was used to construct a comprehensive influence matrix and calculate centrality. The results show that the comprehensive impact of reasonable risk sharing, recognition of stakeholders, organizational and operational capabilities, long-term contract, full life cycle costs, and government control of prices is relatively high. Government factors are easily affected by other types of factors, while society and the environment have a higher degree of impact on other factors.


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