Realistic Problems and Development Suggestions of China's Medication Assurance System for Rare Diseases


  • Xinying Yang
  • Yongfa Chen



Rare diseases, medication for rare diseases, medication assurance.


This study analyses the current situation and existing problems of China's rare disease medication Assurance practice in terms of policy system, main body's actions and protection effectiveness: from the perspective of policy design and the three main bodies' practical actions, the current situation of China's rare disease medication assurance is sorted out; based on this, the real problems of the current protection system in terms of the formulation of front-end policies and the actual benefits for end patients are clarified. Based on this, we will optimise the level of drug protection for rare diseases in China, and put forward specific recommendations: systematic construction of the top-level design for rare diseases, value assessment and payment agreement for innovative drugs in medical insurance, innovation and development of the medical emphasis system and talent cultivation, and improvement of the incentive system for market exclusivity and research and development of drugs for rare diseases.


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