Research Progress of China's Rural B and B Based on CiteSpace Analysis


  • Lulu Cai
  • Xiao Xiao



Rural B&B; literature review; research progress.


The rapid development of rural B&B has gradually become an important carrier of domestic tourism development and an important way of rural revitalization. The article takes 95 pieces of Chinese core literature published in the CNKI database from 2010 to 2022 as the research object, and carries out bibliometric analysis from the amount of articles, time, authors and institutions, and keywords, and then combs out the research contents of five aspects, namely, lodging and rural tourism, design of rural lodging, rural lodging industry, development of lodging and countermeasures, to find out the shortcomings of the research on rural lodging in our country, and to put forward the future development of rural lodging, which should focus on the diversity of research perspectives, and the diversity of research contents. B&B should focus on the diversity of research perspectives and the plurality of research contents, such as the research on the characterization of B&B, the quality enhancement of B&B industry and other contents, as well as the comparative study of B&B industry in different regions, in order to provide reference and inspiration for the in-depth research in this field, and to further understand and promote the practice of rural B&B tourism in China.


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B Li, P.b Li and Y Qin: Report on the Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Chinese Tourism Enterprises (Beijing:Tourism Education Press, China 2017-2018)

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