Research on Cultural Communication of Chu Cultural Relics from the Perspective of New Media


  • Yi Shu
  • Xin Liu



New Media; Museum; Chu Culture; Cultural Dissemination.


With the continuous emergence of all kinds of new media, the public has diversified demands for information acquisition. Museums have always been an important medium for cultural communication and social education. In the era of new media, museums should analyze the dissemination paths of cultural relics from the perspective of new media based on their own characteristics, explore cultural resources, fully utilize new media technology, and achieve more effective and widespread dissemination. This paper takes the Jingzhou Museum as an example, through understanding the current situation of cultural relics dissemination, analyzing the interpretation of cultural relics and the means of communication, trying to promote the combination of new media and museum cultural dissemination, which can further expand the brand influence of Jingzhou Museum and spread Chu culture more deeply and widely.


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Shu, Y., & Liu, X. (2024). Research on Cultural Communication of Chu Cultural Relics from the Perspective of New Media. Frontiers in Humanities and Social Sciences, 4(6), 67-73.

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