A Study of Factors Influencing China's Agricultural Exports to Japan


  • Wenjing Zhao




Trade in agricultural products, trade efficiency, trade potential, trade. gravity model.


As a key focus of trade negotiations between China and Japan, trade in agricultural products has received special attention to the tariffs and preferential conditions involved. According to data provided by China Customs, China's agricultural exports to Japan fell after peaking in 2012 and fell further to 9.64 billion yuan in 2020. This paper selects the 2000-2021 china export agricultural products trade data from the Department of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Commerce to Analyze the trade status of Japan, and finds that the scale of trade shows an expanding trend, and there are fluctuations in some years. Establish a business gravity model, study the effectiveness and potential of developing China's agricultural export trade with Japan, and analyze various factors affecting the effectiveness of agricultural export trade, and the results show that there is room for progress in China's agricultural export trade with Japan, and the scale of trade can be further expanded. Finally, it proposes to further improve the export efficiency of agricultural products, stabilize the exchange rate, improve import and export policy control and further broaden the foreign trade market, optimize the trade structure and promote the quality of agricultural products.


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