Study on CGTN’s English Communication on Latin America in the Context of the Belt and Road Initiative


  • Jing Bi
  • Ziyi Feng



The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), CGTN, international communication, 5W model.


This paper takes the English reports about “Latin America” in the CGTN’s official mobile application from 2021 to 2023 as the research object, with a total of 89 pieces of valid data collected. Methods of content analysis and case studies are used to analyze communicators, messages, media, and audience, aligning with Lasswell’s 5W model. The following features are obtained: in terms of communicators, CGTN is authoritative and professional, and the subjects in the report are diverse; in terms of messages, it covers a wide range of topics and highlights the common values of mankind; in terms of media, it is in line with the audio-visual communication method in the new media era; in terms of audience, the content is audience-oriented. The suggestions for enhancing bilateral cooperation based on these findings are likely to be valuable for policymakers and stakeholders involved in China-Latin America relations.


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Bi, J., & Feng , Z. (2024). Study on CGTN’s English Communication on Latin America in the Context of the Belt and Road Initiative. Frontiers in Humanities and Social Sciences, 4(6), 140-151.

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