The Construction of Chinese Ecological Discourse Power from the Multimodal Translation Perspective: A Case Study of the Documentary Amazing China


  • Jinlin Jiang
  • Liwei Zou



Multimodal translation, ecological discourse power, ecological documentary, Amazing China.


The global contest for discourse power over environmental and ecological issues has a long history, with nations vying to establish their own paths in the global competition for a voice on ecological civilization. Ecological documentary, by virtue of its authenticity, narrative feature, and communicative superiority, has emerged as effective vehicles for constructing ecological discourse. This paper, focusing on the documentary Amazing China, examines China's efforts in building its ecological discourse power through a multimodal translation perspective. It not only dissects the multimodal relationships and translation strategies employed in Amazing China, but also analyzes the constructed ecological discourse of China presented in Amazing China from three dimensions: the practices of China’s ecological civilization construction, the harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, and the concept of a community of life. This study contributes a fresh perspective to the creation of ecological documentaries and the advancement of multimodal translation theory, while also offering new insights into establishing China's ecological discourse power.


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Jiang, J., & Zou, L. (2024). The Construction of Chinese Ecological Discourse Power from the Multimodal Translation Perspective: A Case Study of the Documentary Amazing China. Frontiers in Humanities and Social Sciences, 4(6), 160-169.

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