Toxic effects of a single sulfonamide antibiotic on two indicator organisms


  • Yilun Dai



Toxic effects, single sulfonamide antibiotic.


The widespread use of antibiotics leads to more and more serious pollution of antibiotics in the environment, which has become a global ecological environment problem. Antibiotic pollution will affect the normal life activities of organisms and threaten human health through the food chain. In order to investigate the toxic effects of antibiotic pollution on different indicator organisms, Scenedesmus obliquus and Vibrio qinghaiensis sp-Q67 were used as indicator organisms. Eight widely used sulfonamides antibiotics (SAs), namely, sulfapyridine (SPY), sulfamethazine (SMR), sulfadimethazine (SM2), sulfamethoxazine (SMP), sulfamethoxazole (SMZ), sulfaquinoxaline (SQ), sulfamethoxine (SMM), sulfamethoxine (SMM), and sulfamethoxine (SMM), were studied by microplate toxicity test. The growth inhibition toxicity of sulfamide chloropyrazine sodium (2-SPZ) and its binary mixture to Cyanobacteria obliqua (96h) and Vibrio Qingqingensis Q67 (15min acute and 1h chronic); Based on the actual environmental concentration of SAs in Huixian wetland of Guilin, two groups of six-element mixtures were designed to study their combined toxicity to two different indicator organisms.


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