From Big Data to social governance: a discussion across the "double divide"

Empirical research based on mobile phone use of elderly migrant workers


  • Peitong Liu



Big data, Social governance, A gulf, Elderly migrant workers, Mobile phone use.


The emergence of big data has brought the "double divide" dilemma of urban-rural divide and gray divide to the digital divide problem of the aging of migrant workers. In 2021, Chinese scholar Chen Yunsong published Big Data Vision of Humanities and Social Sciences from a Social Perspective. Based on the quantitative research theory at the individual level, this work observes, displays and analyzes macro social processes and human phenomena through massive data. Based on the gradually aging social structure of rural migrant workers in China, this paper focuses on the viewpoints of big data and social governance in Chapter 4 and Chapter 6 of the book, and conducts an empirical study on the "double divide" problem of mobile phone use of elderly rural migrant workers. The research results show that the differences between the elderly migrant workers in urban and rural areas in the willingness, skills and content of mobile phone use have changed, and mobile phone smart application has catalyzed their information differentiation and social stratification to a certain extent. The country needs to eliminate the negative impact caused by the gap pushed by the mobile phone big data algorithm in a variety of feeding ways, so as to effectively implement social governance measures.


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