The digital transformation and future development trends of CCTV1 programs


  • Yunxiao Mu
  • Leila Mirzoyeva



CCTV1, digital transformation, television media, content digitization, technological innovation, future trends.


As one of China's most authoritative and credible television media platforms, China Central Television (CCTV) has a long history and a vast audience base. However, facing the dual challenges of audience attrition and competition from emerging media, CCTV cannot afford to be complacent. Today, with the gradual maturation of digital technology, CCTV is actively promoting digital transformation to enhance media competitiveness and ensure it meets the ever-changing needs of its audience. This is not only a necessity for keeping pace with the times but also an important measure to gain the favor and recognition of the new era's audience. This article will showcase CCTV's significant achievements in cross-platform dissemination, program content diversification, enhancing program-audience interaction, and program personalization. The programs cover a wide range of themes and formats, catering to the needs and interests of different audience groups. Additionally, the article will analyze the development trends of CCTV programs in terms of diversification, interactivity, and personalization, as well as the future development directions of personalized content creation, audience interaction technology application, and the use of emerging technologies.


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