The way to improve the quality of new smart city public service under the demand heterogeneity


  • Kaitao Cao
  • Jingru Yang
  • Xuhui Cong



Heterogeneity of requirements; new smart city; public service: urban planning and governance.


Due to the diversity, difference and dynamics of residents' needs, the improvement of public service quality is faced with many challenges. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to improve the path of public service quality of new smart city under the heterogeneity of needs. This paper first introduces the background and basic concept of the new smart city, as well as the development process of the new smart city in China. This paper discusses the heterogeneity of residents' needs in the new smart city, and explains the impact of these heterogeneous demands on the public service quality of the new smart city. This paper also discusses how to accurately locate the service demand by strengthening demand research, optimize the resource allocation and realize the balanced development; promote service innovation to solve the impact of demand heterogeneity on new smart city, public service supply, public service resource allocation and public service innovation, as the reference direction for the improvement of public service quality of new smart city. Finally, this paper analyzes and systematically looks into the future of the new smart city to meet the direct needs of the public's survival, life, development and other social needs, as well as promoting the modernization of the urban governance system information and governance capacity as the main goal, and commits itself to the path design of improving the quality of public services.


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Cao, K., Yang, J., & Cong, X. (2024). The way to improve the quality of new smart city public service under the demand heterogeneity. Frontiers in Humanities and Social Sciences, 4(6), 316-325.

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