Analysis of KFC's localized marketing strategy in China


  • Qiuxia Gu



Multinational corporations; KFC; marketing strategy; Localization.


In today's information society, international competition is intensifying, and the pace of internationalization of enterprises is also accelerating. Many foreign-funded enterprises are no longer limited to domestic production and operation, but are gradually opening up to overseas and gradually occupying overseas markets through excellent strategic marketing. With the rapid development of China's economy, multinational companies from all over the world have also begun to invest in China, and among these multinational companies, KFC has performed extremely well. It has been 36 years since KFC entered the Chinese catering market, and after more than 30 years of development, the two giants of KFC and McDonald's have basically achieved a monopoly position in China's "foreign fast food" market. The main reason for KFC's success is its localized marketing strategy. This article will focus on the development history of KFC, China's localization strategy, and comparison with McDonald's, hoping to provide some references for the development of Chinese multinational companies in overseas markets.


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