The impact of government budget on social development and optimization strategy


  • Min Xu
  • Tianzhi Chen
  • Zhiyao Jiang
  • Kaiying Qu
  • Yafei Cui



Government budget, implementation, budget management, economic development.


This paper aims to explore the relationship between government budget and economic development, as well as the impact and role of government budget on economic development. First, the important role of government budget in economic growth, resource allocation, and employment promotion is analyzed, and the role of government budget in promoting infrastructure construction, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and improving social welfare is explained. Secondly, the process and basis of government budget compilation are explained. Finally, the key factors affecting government budget on economic development are analyzed, the importance of government budget to economic development is summarized, and effective suggestions related to government budget to promote economic development are put forward.


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Xu, M., Chen, T., Jiang, Z., Qu, K., & Cui, Y. (2024). The impact of government budget on social development and optimization strategy. Frontiers in Humanities and Social Sciences, 4(6), 359-362.

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