Research on the Path of Realising the Value of Public Works under the Perspective of Value Co-creation Theory


  • Yi Pu
  • Xi Yang



Value co-creation; Public works; Palue realisation; Stakeholders.


As the foundation of China's economic construction and social development, due to its public welfare nature, the realisation of the value of public works is closely related to every member of society, i.e. there are multiple stakeholders. How to realise the value proposition of each stakeholder has become a measure of the success of public works. This paper analyses the connotation of the value realization of public works stakeholders and the characteristics of public works in China, takes the theory of value co-creation as the theoretical basis, and finally puts forward the path of public works value realization.


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Pu, Y., & Yang, X. (2024). Research on the Path of Realising the Value of Public Works under the Perspective of Value Co-creation Theory. Frontiers in Humanities and Social Sciences, 4(6), 368-376.

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