Application of Intertextuality in English Literary Works in Senior High School Students‘ English Reading


  • Maiyu Jin



Intertextuality, literary works, senior high English teaching.


Reading and appreciating literary works plays an important role in high school English quality education, which plays an important role in cultivating students' reading interest and improving students' reading quality. This article explores the application of intertextuality theory in the English reading practices of senior high school students. Preliminary findings indicate that while some students demonstrate a high level of proficiency in identifying overt intertextual references, others struggle to discern more subtle connections between texts. Moreover, students' interpretations of intertextuality often reflect their individual experiences, interests, and prior knowledge, highlighting the subjective nature of literary analysis. However, exposure to intertextuality theory and instructional strategies aimed at fostering intertextual awareness appear to positively influence students' reading comprehension and critical thinking abilities.


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