Study on the Influence of Ballast Tank Position on the Hydrodynamic Performance of Offshore Wind Turbine


  • Zaiqiang Wang
  • Ning Cui
  • Weixiang Fan



Offshore Wind Turbine; Floating Foundation; AQWA; Hydrodynamic Response.


In order to explore the influence of different parameters of fixed ballast in the fan foundation mechanism on the hydrodynamic performance of single-column floating fan, based on potential flow theory, this paper adopts the surface element method and uses ANSYS AQWA to establish the hydrodynamic model of single-column floating fan, and obtains the amplitude response operators in different directions. By comparing the amplitude response operators of different models, the influence of different parameters of fixed ballast on single-column floating fan is discussed and analyzed, which provides a reference for the design optimization of floating offshore fan.


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Wang, Z., Cui, N., & Fan, W. (2023). Study on the Influence of Ballast Tank Position on the Hydrodynamic Performance of Offshore Wind Turbine. Frontiers in Sustainable Development, 3(11), 5-10.

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