The Use of Cooperative Learning in High School English Writing Teaching


  • Yuxin Ren



Cooperative Learning; High School English; Writing Teaching.


Against the backdrop of the new curriculum and college entrance examination reforms, the weightage of high school English writing scores in college entrance examination papers has increased significantly. Consequently, the expectations for high school English writing have also risen, making it an indispensable aspect of language learning. In this regard, teachers must prioritize students' autonomy, cooperation, and inquiry-based learning experiences, particularly in English classrooms, where they should create an enabling environment for effective English education. High school English teachers must emphasize cooperative learning in writing classes to enhance students' language expression and writing skills. Meanwhile, teachers must continually explore efficient methods of improving students' English writing ability. This paper addresses the challenges facing the current cooperative learning mode in high school English writing teaching and proposes measures to overcome them, hoping to inspire and assist the development of cooperative learning in high school English classes.


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