The Effect of Salt-dissolving Growth-promoting Rhizobacteria on the Growth of Pepper


  • Weiwei Chen
  • Yuhu Luo



Plant Growth-promoting Rhizobacteria; Pepper; Soil Salinization; Growth-promoting.


Soil salinization is increasing, which seriously threatens the local ecological environment security and affects the development of social economy. Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) is the bacterial population isolated from rhizosphere soil that has a growth-promoting effect on plants, which is of great significance for improving salt stress. In this study, pepper was used as the research object, and the effect of salt-dissolving and growth-promoting bacteria on pepper plants was studied by pot experiment. A total of 7 treatments were set up, 0 % salt sterility ( CK-0 % ), 0.5 % salt sterility ( CK-0.5 % ), 0 % salt-hydrolyzed salt-promoted strains ( C-0 % ), 0.5 % salt-hydrolyzed salt-promoted strains ( C-0.5 % ), 1 % salt-hydrolyzed salt-promoted strains ( C-1.0 % ), 2.0 % salt-hydrolyzed salt-promoted strains ( C-2.0 % ), 5.0 % salt-hydrolyzed salt-promoted strains ( C-5.0 % ). The results showed that : ( 1 ) The germination rate of pepper seeds inoculated with salt-dissolving and growth-promoting strains was significantly increased, and the salt concentration in the soil had no significant effect on the germination rate of pepper seeds. ( 2 ) Inoculation of salt-solubilizing growth-promoting strains and salt concentration in soil also had no significant effect on the plant height of pepper seeds. ( 3 ) The fresh weight and dry weight of pepper plants inoculated with salt-solubilizing and growth-promoting strains were significantly increased. This study has important scientific and theoretical significance for the more rational application of Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria.


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