Research on the Technology of Titanium Containing Inorganic Particle Doped Insulation Paint


  • Mingwen Gu
  • Haifeng Zhang
  • Xiangmu Hu
  • Yuanhao Jia
  • Sizhe Qi
  • Xiang Xie



Polyester; Titanium Dioxide; Nanotubes.


This paper provides a modified titanium dioxide nanotube with a specific structure made by a specific method. The modified titanium dioxide nanotube exists in a nanotube structure with a smaller size and specific surface area, and the surface hydrophobicity treatment of the modified titanium dioxide nanotube is also given, allowing the modified titanium dioxide nanotube to participate in the cross-linking network of organic resins such as unsaturated polyester resin, On the one hand, it can ensure the uniform dispersion of modified titanium dioxide nanotubes in the insulation paint, fully utilize their chemical stability, and also improve the crosslinking degree of resin curing. On the other hand, it enables the modified titanium dioxide nanotubes in this paper to be applied to the insulation paint with a large doping amount, thereby improving the mechanical and electrical properties of the insulation paint.


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Gu, M., Zhang, H., Hu, X., Jia, Y., Qi, S., & Xie, X. (2023). Research on the Technology of Titanium Containing Inorganic Particle Doped Insulation Paint. Frontiers in Sustainable Development, 3(11), 68-71.