Status of Sustainable Development of Efficient Ecological Agriculture in Loess Plateau Gully Region


  • Na Lei
  • Yanan Li



Ecological Agriculture; Sustainable Development; Dry Farming; The Loess Plateau; Gully.


At present, the development of efficient ecological agriculture in the loess hilly and gully region is faced with slope problems, gully problems and resource utilization problems. The loess Plateau gully region is the traditional dry farming area in China, and it is also the main grain producing area with a long farming history. Due to natural factors such as terrain fragmentation, rainfall concentration and loose soil, deforestation, reclamation of steep slopes, and overgrazing, human factors such as deterioration of ecological environment, serious soil erosion, reduction of cultivated land resources, and decrease of land productivity in the region have aggravated the food shortage problem in the region. Ecological agriculture is an effective collaborative approach for ecological protection and high-quality agricultural development in the Loess Plateau, and can provide important support for ecological restoration and farmland regulation in the Loess Plateau gully region.


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