PEST Analysis and Development Strategy of the Market Environment of Bondent Oral Digital Platform


  • Chao Zhang



Oral Digital Platform; PEST Analysis; Market Environment; Development Strategy.


With the rapid development of digital technology, the field of oral medicine is undergoing a revolutionary change. As a leader in the industry, its market environment and development strategy have attracted much attention. By using the PEST analysis framework, this paper makes a comprehensive and thorough analysis of the market environment of Bondent oral digital platform from four aspects of politics, economy, society and technology. Based on the results of the PEST analysis, this paper further explores the development strategy of the Bondent oral digital platform. While maintaining the technological innovation, the Bowen platform should strengthen the communication and cooperation with the government, medical institutions and consumers, deepen the market penetration, and enhance the brand influence. In addition, the Bondent platform should also focus on the competitive situation in the industry, constantly optimize the service process, improve the user experience, in order to cope with the increasingly fierce market competition. The research in this paper provides a useful reference for the Bowen oral digital platform to develop reasonable development strategies in the complex and changeable market environment, and also provides a reference for the market analysis and strategy development of other oral digital platforms.


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