Design and Implementation of Ship Shore Power Information Management System based on Spring Boot and Vue


  • Yujuan Zou
  • Peiyi Tang
  • Taizhi Lv



Ship Shore Power; Front-end and Back-end Separation Technology; Spring Boot; Multilevel Storage Architecture; Vue; Uni-app.


Ship shore power is an effective means to reduce air pollution in ports, which has been rapidly popularized in China ports. With the rapid increase of the number of shore power facilities, the monitoring and management details of shore power facilities cannot meet the requirements, and the focus of the promotion of shore power is shifted to management. In order to better manage the shore power facilities and better serve the use of ship shore power, a ship shore power information management system is designed and implemented. This system is based on the Spring Boot and Vue framework, and is implemented through technologies such as front-end and back-end separation, mixed APP, and multi-level storage architecture. The application of the system effectively supports the high-quality development of ship shore power, and the data acquisition through the supervision module can scientifically guide the construction of ship shore power facilities.


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Zou, Y., Tang, P., & Lv, T. (2022). Design and Implementation of Ship Shore Power Information Management System based on Spring Boot and Vue. Frontiers in Science and Engineering, 2(12), 17–22.