Comparative Study on Field Tests of Two Kinds of Shallow Treatment of Soft Soil Foundation


  • Li Tao
  • Tingting Zhang
  • Jianhua Li
  • Dingyu Ni
  • Shihu Gao



Field Test; Engineering Waste Slurry; Vacuum Preloading; In Situ Curing; Foundation Bearing Capacity.


Through the vacuum preloading test with three different arrangements and the in-situ curing treatment at different depths, the treatment effect reached the expectation, indicating that both the vacuum preloading method and the in-situ curing method can achieve good reinforcement effect. Among them, the local curing method has remarkable effect on treating waste engineering mud, and its bearing capacity is far beyond expectation, which can be used as the foundation of high-grade highway. After the test, it is found that the real air filtration test area can also improve the treatment effect by reducing the distance between drainage plates, and the local curing treatment can further optimize the admixture content to achieve better reinforcement effect and further reduce the project cost. For the construction site with general bearing capacity requirements, vacuum filter tube or air pipe can be used to meet the requirements. For sites requiring higher bearing capacity, true air filter tube treatment can be used, and higher grade roadbed can be used in situ curing treatment.


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Tao, L., Zhang, T., Li, J., Ni, D., & Gao, S. (2022). Comparative Study on Field Tests of Two Kinds of Shallow Treatment of Soft Soil Foundation. Scientific Journal of Technology, 4(7), 19-30.

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