Study on the Design and Calculation Method of Bearing Capacity of Double-Layer Foundation with In-Situ Solidified Hard Shell


  • Shihu Gao
  • Li Tao
  • Yingying Xia
  • Chao Wang



In-situ Curing; Hard Shell Layer; Double Layered Foundation; Bearing Capacity; Computing Method.


In view of the common methods for calculating the bearing capacity of heterogeneous foundation, including stress diffusion method, Mayer Hof Hannah punching shear failure theory, etc., in this paper, according to the characteristics of in-situ solidified hard shell double-layer foundation and the difference between natural hard shell double-layer foundation, the existing bearing capacity calculation methods are compared and improved, and an improved algorithm or simplified algorithm suitable for in-situ solidified hard shell double-layer foundation is proposed. At present, there is no clear scope for the selection of stress diffusion angle in the existing specifications. Combined with the actual situation on site, the value of stress diffusion angle of in-situ curing in this paper is between 28° and 45°; At the same time, a simplified algorithm for calculating the bearing capacity of double-layer foundation with in-situ solidified hard shell (heterogeneous Foundation) and the corresponding unified solution of Terzaghi double shear strength are given.


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Gao, S., Tao, L., Xia, Y., & Wang, C. (2022). Study on the Design and Calculation Method of Bearing Capacity of Double-Layer Foundation with In-Situ Solidified Hard Shell. Scientific Journal of Technology, 4(7), 37-49.

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