Solid-liquid Two Phase Flow Simulation on Particle Motion in the Axial Flow Pump


  • Zhipeng Chen
  • Kun Hu



DEM-CFD; Axial Flow Pump; Particle Trajectory; Particle Residence Time.


Based on the DEM-CFD method, the solid-liquid two-phase flow in an axial flow pump was simulated, and the velocity and trajectory of particles passing through the impeller and deflector were investigated. It was found that the particles accelerated about 150% after passing through the impeller. Five solid concentration schemes were set up to explore the influence of solid concentration on particle velocity and average residence time. The maximum velocity of particles at different concentrations tended to 10 m/s; The average residence time of particles in low concentration scheme (2%) is 120% of that in other schemes. The research in this paper can be used as a reference to reduce the erosion wear in the pump and enhance the heat transfer effect.


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Chen, Z., & Hu, K. (2023). Solid-liquid Two Phase Flow Simulation on Particle Motion in the Axial Flow Pump. Scientific Journal of Technology, 5(3), 26-30.

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