Cooperative Distribution Path Optimization Study of Electric Unmanned Vehicle End based on Multiple Distribution Entities


  • Zifu Fan
  • Meng Zhang
  • Shaowei Xing



Electric Unmanned Vehicle Logistics; Multi-Distribution Body; Collaborative Distribution; End-Distribution; Path Optimization.


Since the planning of China's urban logistics system does not include end-of-line distribution in the unified planning, and less consideration is given to the cooperative distribution of multiple subjects, resulting in the overall low efficiency of the transportation link; at the same time, considering the impact of the epidemic on logistics distribution, "electric unmanned vehicles" with high efficiency, low cost and no contact characteristics become an important tool for end-of-line distribution. In summary, this paper takes the urban end distribution scenario as the research object, builds a cooperative distribution model among multiple subjects with electric unmanned vehicles as the carrier, and designs an improved algorithm to solve the model; finally, the optimization model proposed in this paper is verified through an example that it can give full play to the advantages of energy saving and emission reduction of electric unmanned vehicles and capital reduction compared with the traditional single distribution and single journey vehicle distribution model, thus promoting urban The model can be used to promote the green, low-carbon and sustainable development of the city.


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Fan, Z., Zhang, M., & Xing, S. (2023). Cooperative Distribution Path Optimization Study of Electric Unmanned Vehicle End based on Multiple Distribution Entities. Scientific Journal of Technology, 5(3), 31-41.

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