Preparation of Nanofiber Affinity Membrane by Electrospinning and its Application in Metal Ion Recovery


  • Xue Wang
  • Na Wang



Metal Ions; Adsorption; Electrospinning.


With the rapid development of modern industry and agriculture, metal ion wastewater is being discharged unchecked, resulting in serious pollution of water and soil resources systems. At the same time, the unrestrained exploitation and waste in recent decades have led to the gradual depletion of metal ion mineral resources. Among them, rare earth metal ions, as national strategic resources, have application value in many high-tech fields. Therefore, how to effectively separate and recycle metal ions in wastewater is one of the research hotspots. Adsorption separation technology has the advantages of high efficiency, low cost, simple operation and equipment, and low energy consumption, and is widely used in metal ion wastewater treatment.


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Wang, X., & Wang, N. (2023). Preparation of Nanofiber Affinity Membrane by Electrospinning and its Application in Metal Ion Recovery. Scientific Journal of Technology, 5(3), 91-94.

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