Research Progress of Remedial Materials for Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil


  • Weiwei Chen
  • Zhaoxin Zhang



Heavy Metal; Remedial Materials; Farmland Soil.


The farmland soil is combined pollution by multi-heavy metals in China, which seriously threatens the food security and the human health. This paper makes a review of the characteristics of the heavy metal contaminated farmland soil and the types and characteristics of common remedial materials. In addition, this paper analyzed and forecasted the problems that need to be solved in the future for remedial materials for heavy metal contaminated soil. Common remediation materials include biochar, clay minerals, organic matter, phosphates, metal oxides and composite remediation materials, etc. The remediation materials can effectively reduce the mobilization and bioavailability of heavy metals. This paper summarized the types and characteristics of remedial materials for heavy metal contaminated soil, so as to provide theoretical basis for remediation materials and prevention and control strategy for the heavy metal pollution.


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