Synergistic Toughening of SiC Whiskers in Gel Injection Molded Oral Braces


  • Tianyu Wang
  • Xiaoqing Yin
  • Ziyi Zhang
  • Xin Li
  • Yang Chen



ZTA Ceramics; Gel Injection Mold; SiC Whiskers; Synergistic Toughening Technology.


ZTA ceramic materials are widely used in the field of orthodontics, however, the existing material preparation and its properties do not meet the requirements of orthodontic instruments. In this paper, SiC whiskers with high purity, high aspect ratio and stable properties were prepared by adding high hydrogen-containing silicone oil to ZTA ceramics to improve their fracture toughness and densities, and the ceramic matrix was prepared by gelation, curing and sintering with cellulose acrylic acid graft co-polymer as binder. In particular, the synergistic toughening effect with zirconia in the gel-injected film of oral bracket materials.


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Wang, T., Yin, X., Zhang, Z., Li, X., & Chen, Y. (2023). Synergistic Toughening of SiC Whiskers in Gel Injection Molded Oral Braces. Scientific Journal of Technology, 5(3), 116-122.

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