Effect of New Low-cost Polyglutamic Acid fertilizer on Cucumber Growth


  • Fujia Li
  • Chen Zhao
  • Kunlun Li
  • Qiulin Yue
  • Le Su
  • Baojun Li
  • Xin Sun
  • Haijun Li
  • Suzhen Yang
  • Lei Sun
  • Lin Zhao




Glutamic Acid Waste Liquid; Polyglutamic Acid; Fertilizer; Cucumber; Production; Quality.


Polyglutamic acid produced from the mother liquor of glutamic acid crystals was used as a test fertiliser to study its application in cucumber cultivation. The results showed that the application of polyglutamic acid fertiliser could increase cucumber plant height, plant pitch, number of leaves, root dry matter weight, promote cucumber growth, increase cucumber single melon weight and total yield, and at the same time, it could increase the content of Vc and soluble sugar in cucumber fruits and improve the quality of cucumber. Among them, the application of polyglutamic acid fertiliser increased the plant height of cucumber by 6.3%-39.5% during the flowering period, increased the plant height by 1.8%-12.1% during the melon blooming period, increased the root dry matter weight by 92.8%, increased the weight of single melon by 4.01%-37.12%, and increased the total output by 1.31%-12.87%; the application of two polyglutamic acid fertilisers increased the vitamin C of cucumber fruits by 14.36 % and 28.12 %, and the soluble sugar content by 16.91 % and 35.29 %.


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Li, F., Zhao, C., Li, K., Yue, Q., Su, L., Li, B., Sun, X., Li, H., Yang, S., Sun, L., & Zhao, L. (2024). Effect of New Low-cost Polyglutamic Acid fertilizer on Cucumber Growth . Scientific Journal of Technology, 6(1), 56-61. https://doi.org/10.54691/n1ta2a59

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