Design and Analysis of Transmission Lines Connecting Power System Generators to the Grid


  • Kaipeng Zhang
  • Qiming Song
  • Yize Li



Hydropower Station; Transmission Line Parameters; Power System Simulation.


According to the actual requirements, it is necessary to design a line connecting the 150MW hydropower station and the 230KV hydropower station. The first is to plan the overall process of the project, by consulting the data, objectively evaluating the transmission line parameters, combining Matlab and Excel to calculate the transmission line parameters, including barrier current calculation and safety analysis, and finally combining power system simulation and cost calculation, the only one is selected from hundreds of scenarios. Rationale, power flow analysis, and power loss analysis are used to evaluate transmission lines, including series reactors and new transmission lines in parallel. The process reflects the continuous refinement of the initial design to create a transmission line that is both economical and safe.


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Zhang, K., Song, Q., & Li, Y. (2024). Design and Analysis of Transmission Lines Connecting Power System Generators to the Grid. Scientific Journal of Technology, 6(1), 69-72.

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