Design and Ansys Finite Element Analysis of a Shaking-type Winter Jujube Harvesting and Collection Device


  • Yang Li
  • Weihui Wang
  • Zuomin Wang
  • Hewei Lu
  • Jianjun Zhang



Picking and Collection Device; Structural Design; UG Modeling; Ansys Dynamic Simulation.


In order to effectively improve the efficiency of winter jujube picking and collection while ensuring a low damage rate, facilitating the quick collection of winter jujubes, a vibration-type lightweight winter jujube picking and collection device is proposed. It consists of a rope-stretched umbrella collection device, a retractable vibration-assisted picking claw, a toothed locking device, etc. Mainly driven by manpower to stretch the rope and rotate the umbrella rod with a torsion spring to expand the umbrella surface, the toothed locking device locks the inclined block to fix the umbrella surface and the vehicle for collecting winter jujubes. Additionally, a miniature motor is used to drive the picking claw to generate exciting force to assist in manual picking. UG modeling and Ansys dynamic simulation of the collection umbrella surface and winter jujube fruits are conducted, simulating the impact of winter jujubes through simulation software to determine the vibration range when the collection umbrella is working. The rationality of its design and its adaptability during operation are analyzed, obtaining average deformation and average stress.


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Li, Y., Wang, W., Wang, Z., Lu, H., & Zhang, J. (2024). Design and Ansys Finite Element Analysis of a Shaking-type Winter Jujube Harvesting and Collection Device. Scientific Journal of Technology, 6(4), 52-60.

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