Static and Modal Analysis of a Coil Needle Structure


  • Weiguo Wu
  • Qiuxia Li
  • Xiaohui Wang
  • Tanchang Guo



Battery Cell Winding Machine; Coil Needle Structure; Static Analysis; Modal Analysis; Mechanical Performance.


This paper mainly conducts static and dynamic mechanical analysis of the coil needle structure in the battery cell winding machine device. As the coil needle structure directly supports the battery cell and performs the cell winding process, the rationality and stability of its design directly affect the accuracy of cell winding formation. Therefore, static and modal analysis of the coil needle mechanism is carried out to verify its static and dynamic mechanical performance under working conditions.


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Wu, W., Li, Q., Wang, X., & Guo, T. (2024). Static and Modal Analysis of a Coil Needle Structure. Scientific Journal of Technology, 6(4), 100-107.

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