Research on the "Shape" Design Method of Museum Exhibition Space under the Background of New Media Art


  • Kai Cao
  • Chunmei Wei
  • Qiannan Liang



New Media Art; Exhibition Space Design; Spatial Layout; Space Form; Space.


Traditional museum space design is generally limited to cost and engineering volume, and follows the conventional unified design process of large-scale space fixtures, isolating the design contents of space hard decoration and internal soft decoration and display, and even flood lighting intelligence, lacking unified overall consideration and response. The disjointed design in the early stage led to a large number of space contradictions in the exhibition placement and actual use and operation after the completion of the hard installation and delivery. The intervention of new media art changes the traditional exhibition form. At the same time, the traditional public space design process also begins to change because the exhibition activity of new media art forms has many requirements such as technology, process, material, sound and light, and even environmental psychological effect on the space form and scale. Based on case studies of different characteristics, this paper summarizes the systematic design methods of new media art's involvement in the hard installation of museum exhibition space from three dimensions of spatial layout, spatial form and spatial scope.


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