Two-way Evaluation and Analysis of Student-centered Pharmacy Teaching


  • Lijuan Cheng



Take Students as the Main Body; Two-way Evaluation; Bidirectional Evaluation.


Student-centered teaching model is a very important concept in the education sector, which will be restricted and influenced by many factors in the process of implementation. This paper focuses on investigating and studying the influence of teachers, students and supporting management of teaching reform on this teaching mode. According to undergraduates in pharmacy department of our hospital, the whole class was divided into study group and control group. Two-way evaluation method was used in the study group, and traditional experimental teaching method was used in the control group. The experimental theory, skill test scores and experimental report scores of the two groups of students were compared and analyzed, and the evaluation of teachers' teaching methods and learning effects of the students in the study group were investigated. The results show that students' evaluation of the Two-way evaluation method and teaching effect are very good. Two-way evaluation can stimulate students' interest in learning, and help to cultivate students' awareness of inquiry, practical ability, innovative ability, ability to analyze and solve problems.


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