Discussing the Inheritance and Evolution of the Patronus Mahakala

-- Taking the Mahakala of Guangren Temple as an Example


  • Le Zhang




Mahakala; Guangren Temple; Tibetan Buddhism; India.


As the only Gelugpa temple in Northwest China and the only Green Tara Dojo in China, Guangren Temple, a Tibetan Buddhism temple in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, is crucial to the study of Tibetan Buddhism development in the mainland. This paper takes the Patronus Mahakala as the starting point, because it is not only one of the most important Patronus, but also the incarnation of Shiva, one of the most critical gods in Hinduism. The extraction elements from the statues and the establishment of a connection with Tibetan Buddhism will help explore the origin of the external components of the sculptures in Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism. Furthermore, through clarifying the process of religious transmission and development, the conflict and integration of the inter-sectarian, find the impact and evolution of the shape of Gods.


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