The Expression and Research of Folk Culture in Book Binding Design

-- Taking Gannan Hakka Culture as an Example


  • Jingying Wei
  • Yong Tan



Book Binding Design; Folk Culture; Gannan Hakka Culture.


Nowadays, with the rapid development of China, Folk culture turned to be ignored due the openness and progressive. Folk culture needs to be inherited as well as developed. So, we need to pay more attention to folk culture. Meanwhile, book binding design is inseparable from culture. This dissertation studies how to design books better and how to publicize Gannan Hakka culture which belongs to Folk culture better through books. This article revolves around Gannan Hakka culture under the folk culture, to get in further logically and discover the method of how to design the book which could be able to represent the feature of Gannan Hakka Cultuer hierarchically. Firstly, this dissertation introduces the present situation of book binding design and the importance of folk culture to the design of book binding. Secondly, we can take some examples about the behavior to the book binding design in folk culture from three elements in visual communication design graphic, text and color. And then drawing a conclusion with the design principles and performance techniques in the design of the book binding, besides illustrating the specific performance of Gannan Hakka by diet, customs, clothing, architecture. Finally, I finish the "Gannan Hakka culture," this book is the final research results of my book binding design used in Gannan Hakka culture.


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