Analysis of Higher Education Health Index

-- Based on Principal Component Analysis Model


  • Jiabin Wang
  • Yueli Tang
  • Jiancheng Feng
  • Xiaobing Yang
  • Xiuyan Zheng
  • Shangyu Meng



Principal Component Analysis; Higher Education Health Index; Cumulative Contribution Rate; Improvement Program.


To evaluate the health index of education systems in different countries, the is paper establishes a higher education system health index evaluation model through principal component analysis. Five relevant indicators of six countries were selected for principal component analysis. Through annual relevant data of universities in six different countries in the past ten years, we obtained three indicators that mainly affect the health index of higher education, Cumulative contribution rate reached 93.67%, namely, the proportion of education expenditure, the proportion of international students and the rate of higher education enrollment. Then based on the contribution rate of the three main indexes, we constructed a principal component comprehensive evaluation health index model and obtained the health index of the higher education system in six countries. Among them, India and Brazil have the lowest health index scores, respectively 0.4106 and 0.4183. Therefore, the higher education systems of India and Brazil have a lot of room for improvement. Based on the empirical results, we put forward targeted improvement plans and systems.


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Wang, J., Tang, Y., Feng, J., Yang, X., Zheng, X., & Meng, S. (2021). Analysis of Higher Education Health Index: -- Based on Principal Component Analysis Model . BCP Social Sciences & Humanities, 14, 152-156.