Analysis and Research on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of College Students' Values under Fan Culture


  • Wei Jia



Fan culture; Current situation of college students' values; Value countermeasures.


With the rapid development of the cultural entertainment market and the mobile Internet industry, the way of contemporary college students chasing stars has undergone fundamental changes, and "fan culture" has been derived under the operation of commercial capital, which has a certain negative impact on the values of college students. The psychological needs of college students in their growth and development have not been effectively guided, the long-term tendency of school education to focus on intelligence and less morality, the tension between parent-child relationships caused by improper family education methods, and the excessive publicity and exaggeration of entertainment culture in the social environment may be factors such as contribute to or exacerbate this effect. Therefore, this paper proposes an analysis and research on the current situation and countermeasures of college students' values under fan culture. College students should stay away from the negative influence of "fan culture", and all sectors of society need to strengthen research, actively cooperate, and make concerted efforts. Effectively guide and meet the normal psychological needs of college students, comprehensively strengthen value education, and scientifically guide family education.


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