Construction and Empirical Research on Overseas Students' Academic Early Warning Mechanism based on Cloud Class Teaching Network Platform


  • Hong Lu
  • Ninggui Duan



Cloud class teaching network platform (CCTNP); Academic early warning; Overseas student; Learning analytics; Network teaching platform.


Academic early warning is an important educational management means to reflect the current "student-centered" educational concept. On the Cloud class teaching network platform, by setting up experimental teams and control groups, and using the academic early warning mechanism composed of dashboard, learning experience value and intelligent robot, we carried out the experimental research on the online and offline Hybrid Teaching of Chinese synthesis for Chinese zero foundation foreign students. The results show that foreign students can respond positively to the early warning notice issued by the system, and teachers can also master the situation of "students with learning difficulties" according to the visual data on the platform and carry out personalized counseling. The overall teaching effect of the experimental group is better and the passing rate is significantly improved. The early warning mechanism not only has a significant correlation with the improvement of "students with learning difficulties", but also promotes the English learning of other foreign students.


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