The Concept of Higher Education Quality Evaluation based on Big Data Analysis


  • Deming Li
  • Shujing Yang



Big data analysis; Higher education; Quality evaluation.


Higher education, as an important part of China's education system, is the main position of cultivating high-quality talents, which has a profound impact on the social and economic construction and development. Scientific and reasonable evaluation of education quality is crucial to improving teaching efficiency and quality. With the rapid update and development of information technology and the advent of the era of big data, the quality evaluation of higher education is also facing new opportunities and challenges. The application of big data technology to drive decision-making provides more accurate and effective data reference, is beneficial to promote the diversification and development evaluation, mobile terminals, computer equipment and so on can become the carrier of data information, can realize the whole process of real-time collection, to realize the data based on big data analysis of higher education evaluation and decision-making provides the accurate data basis.


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