Container building design based on the concept of sustainable development


  • Kai Cao
  • Zhipeng Zeng



Building function; Assembly; Single cell building; Life demand; Sustainable development concept.


The containers abandoned in the storage yard are endowed with certain building functions, and become single-cell buildings or building organizations by cutting, strengthening, adding facilities, stacking, assembling and extending space. The improvement of the main frame structure of the container allows more people to find the value of its being reconstructed, designed and reused, and the container building emerges as the times require. Container building design can not only meet people's living needs, but also play a certain construction role in urban development. However, because people are too eager to meet the concept of urban modernization development and meet the needs of Party A's functional use, it is easy to ignore the consideration of aesthetics, and the proportion of design aesthetics really integrated in the design is very small. When users enter the container building, it is difficult to have the opportunity to feel and appreciate the beauty brought by the internal design and the surrounding environment.


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